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Dear guests!
a very warm welcome to our "all-weather" Alpine-Rollercoaster - the EIBL Jet - in Tuernitz.

Located 40km south from St.Poelten at sealevel 463m, you will find EIBL Jet Tuernitz. The modern All-weather Alpine-Rollercoaster
in Lower Austria was built in 2004. Insider know: If you don´t try it, it´s your own fault.
The EIBL Jet promises fun time for the whole family, fathers, mothers and the children.
From the Alpine-Rollercoasters built so far, the EIBL Jet Türnitz is one of the steepest and most attractive once.
It goes down the track full throttle at every weather! Sometime high as seven meters above the ground, somethimes
thru steep curves, waves, bumps and a fantastic roundabout.
Due to Safety belts and high tech your safety is secured.

The all weather Alpine-Rollercoaster "EIBL Jet" is in use also at rain weather.
Special covers will get mounted to the sledges so YOU won´t get wet going down the hill.

EIBL Jet Türnitz is the only member of Lower Austrian "TOP Ausflugsziele" (www.top-ausflug.at) and we are proud of it.

Regulations of transport:
We are sorry that children who have not reached the age of 4 years are not allowed to use the Rollercoaster. From the age of 4 children are allowed to use it accompanied by an adult, and children older than 8 years old can use it by themself.

handicapped guests:
Access to the snack shop, toilets, parking and lounge area is existing, also for disabled guests.
Do you have a mental or physical handicap?
Please give us a call and we will try to find a solution to organize a wounderful experience for you also!
Let us no about your handicap befor your visit at our rollercoaster to check in each specific case.

Handicapped parking is available and signposted !

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